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Make the most of the incentive trips to motivate, engage and build relationships

We are a tour operator specializing in incentive trips. We have a record of 23 years' experience in organizing corporate trips. We have been delivering tailor-made reward programs and incentive trips for our demanding clients. We know all about business tourism and MICE. Safety has always been our priority.

Who are we?

We know (almost) everything about traveling. We have been professionally organizing group incentive trips for 22 years now. We continue to learn and to dream about places we will go and people we will meet. Our enthusiasm is contagious, we never stop exploring the wonders of this world and overcoming the barriers within us. Each trip is prepared as if it were for our best friends. We want to get to know you and share with you our passion for having fun and discovering non-obvious places and unique attractions. We know the requirements, we anticipate expectations, we amaze with attractions and make your whims come true.

Incentive trips - what we do, how we do it and why it works

Build a lasting relationship with suppliers and business partners based on shared authentic experiences. Motivate your sales department to work even more efficiently, thank your employees for their work. Take it easy, we will do it for you. At BCT Incentive, we have specialized in corporate incentive trips for 20 years!

Sharing experience and common emotions together effectively develops and cements relationships. The best way to achieve this is to experience travels we all dream of as, which is a very important element of life for everyone. We associate travel with freedom, rest, relaxation.

What if we gave our top salespeople or key contractors such an “extra vacation” during the year… An incentive trip following a specific scenario and based on specific objectives. Then their motivation to excel will increase significantly … That’s why incentive travels and trips have already become an inherent part of the marketing plans and loyalty schemes of companies and corporations around the world.

With incentive trips you will build a team and create a strong brand, and thanks to you your employees, customers and partners will talk about the adventures they had somewhere at the end of the world.

From India to Mexico in eight days, with a stop in Paris on the way… Impossible? For us, “impossible” is just the point of departure. Group trips are our spécialité de la maison.

We’ll take you and your guests to a concert in Budapest, to Vienna for coffee and to Milan for an elegant dinner… How about trekking through New Zealand’s craters or a glass of Famous Grouse in a Scottish pub where the walls still remember William Wallace…

Or perhaps you would rather experience a Safari with the “Big Five” or play in the snow close to the Arctic Circle? It could be crossing the Amazon jungle and piranhas for dinner, husky sled races or colorful drinks on endless beaches… Carnival in Rio, Tango in Buenos Aires, a flight over the Himalayas or a glass of whisky with a glacier ice cube in Patagonia… It could be anything! Get in touch, tell us what you dream about, and we will deliver it to you. Incentive is our specialty.

We create unique incentive travels. The group trips we design remain lifetime memories  for our clients. How do we do it?

If you’re looking for a corporate incentive trip organizer, you have come to the right place. At BCT Incentive, we combine real adventure with a high standard of deliverables. We provide the experience by repeatedly crossing your own barriers with you, only to pamper you in comfort then.

After a day of trekking down the volcano slopes, a snorkeling cruise, or a jungle buggy crossing, we return to the quiet comfort of the elegant hotel. This balance is the key to a successful corporate trip. Likewise is security. That is why one of our good practices is to check the given destination beforehand during an actual site inspection, where we go through the prepared program step by step. As a result, the only problem you have to worry about when traveling with us is that time passes too quickly.

Paying attention to details and taking care of our guests are just some of the ingredients of our secret recipe for a successful incentive trip, which is appreciated every time, especially by the most demanding Customers.

In order to keep you even safer, we are in constant touch with our foreign partners who provide us with the latest information on the Covid – 19 pandemic situation. This keeps us up to date with local procedures.

We like to talk about our expeditions, but we like even more to hear about them in the stories of those who were there with us. We have completed more than a thousand incentive programs (1,078 to be exact), in 120 countries, for groups of all sizes and preferences. We believe that details matter, we stand up to challenges, we do not follow templates. We have been constantly learning and striving for perfection.

Beach activities, sightseeing, adrenaline, a weekend of thrills, a safari starring the “big five,” jumping off a cliff into the current of a rushing stream, flying over the Himalayas, or perhaps discovering the flavors of local cuisine and tasting the best liquors… It’s all here, waiting for you in our incentive trip offer.

The world is unique and we know how to show it! Discover the destinations we offer, tell us what latitude you see yourself at, who you want to take there and what goals you want to achieve.

Check out our offer and contact us. Together we will find the perfect solution for your brand.



Comfort is ensured at every stage of the journey. By attentively listening to you, we tailor our programs to include numerous attractions just for you.



Our thorough knowledge and know-how helps us organize exciting trips which exceed the expectations of even the most demanding travelers.



Reliability is our priority. With a focus on comfort and backed by our extensive experience, we ensure unforgettable journeys that surpass all expectations.

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